WD Red Pro 6TB Internal Hard Drive Review

The Western Digital Red Pro 6TB is a state-of-the-art NAS Internal Hard Drive. This hard drive was released as an upgraded version of an earlier product from Western Digital.

The Western Digital company was established in 1970. Since then, the company has been trusted by scores of people worldwide for their passion and innovation.

The Western Digital brand offers a range of solutions for digital storage. Their products are designed for both personal and business use. The number of products available for personal use range from portable storage, personal cloud, etc. to Network attached storage including external storage and internal hard drive/SSD storage solutions.

The latest introduction in the category of Network attached storage (NAS) is the Western Digital Red Pro 6TB NAS Hard Disk Drive.


The WD Red Pro comes in various storage capacities including 3TB, 4TB, 5TB, 6TB and 8TB. It offers a SATA interface with a speed of up to 6 Gb/sec. It belongs to the 3.5-inch category of form factor with a RPM class of 7200. One of the most attractive additional features is the limited 5-year warranty plan.

Best-in-class for business solutions

The WD Red Pro is the perfect NAS solution for medium to large-scale businesses. With this fantastic technology, business owners can be assured of reliable syncing of client files and data. Backup folders can be created and stored with ease. Any of these folders can also be shared with any number of clients in no time.

NASware version 3.0

The Red Pro NAS hard drive is integrated with the latest version of NASware 3.0 technology. This allows for the seamless integration of files. Data protection is better than ever before, and the performance is the best when compared to its contemporaries in the market.

The built-in latest version of NASware technology ensures optimum performance when used in larger NAS and RAID (redundant array of independent disks) environments too. This is possible with the help of 16 bays that are available for the product.

To enable a seamless transition to larger NAS models as your business grows, the hard drive has technology that can easily integrate with any existing infrastructure.

This NASware technology (version 3.0) has superior error recovery controls and a built-in 3D Active Balance. There is an option for extended drive testing to ensure that each drive is tested for extended operations.

With the latest NASware, you can be assured of:

  • An unrivaled, larger-than-life NAS experience
  • Enhanced compatibility with other systems
  • Reliable operation with easy playback option
  • Optimized HDD advantage for round-the-clock NAS environments

Shockproof technology

With larger growing businesses there is a need to switch over to larger NAS networks. And any large network attached storage solution is bound to have a reasonable number of electronic shock events.

Thanks to WD designers’ ingenuity, a multi-axis shock sensor present in the WD Red Pro automatically detects subtle shock events. This along with a dynamic fly height technology adjusts each read-write function enabled to protect enormous amounts of data and to compensate for vibrations.

Small, medium, big business or home?

It’s exciting and gratifying to know that this killer technology doesn’t cater only to business managements. This NAS hard drive is comfortably good for home or small offices too. It can conveniently store all media and non-media files, ensure timely system back-ups as well as access them securely with the help of any computer through the World Wide Web.

Any drawbacks?

Though the industry is raving about this new kid on the block, one drawback is that the package you buy only contains the hard drive itself. There are no supporting elements included such as screws or cables.

For all do-it-yourself enthusiasts, this may come as a bit of a surprise as the package doesn’t include a manual either. So make sure you order or purchase all the mounting hardware and cables you need separately.

Buying online

If you plan to order the WD Red Pro 6TB NAS Hard Disk Drive online through the company’s website or any other e-commerce site such as Amazon, you don’t have to worry about the packaging as the unit is shipped in a WD-certified box for safe transit.

Western Digital is a seasoned storage solutions provider. You can be assured of a value-added quality product from an old hand in the industry. They provide the most robust NAS partner compatibility list. Rest assured, you can have great peace of mind with the long warranty available.

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