WD Red 5TB NAS Hard Disk Drive ReviewWD Red 5TB NAS Hard Disk Drive Review

A hard drive is very crucial to every function that a computer does. From the moment you start your computer, to doing every single task, the performance of your hard drive affects the overall experience you have with your desktop or laptop computer. There are external and internal hard drives. External hard drives allow mobility, which means you can store your files in a device that you can carry around.

All you need is a cable that connects the external hard drive to a computer and you can access your files. On the other hand, one of the advantages of using an internal hard drive, rather than an external one, is that it allows you to directly store information on your computer and they’re just handy when you need them. However, it needs to be installed physically by opening your computer.

One specification that you should look at when choosing an internal hard drive is the spin speed. A good internal HDD has a standard drive rate of 7,200 RPM. For external drives, this is not necessarily a significant issue, but for internal hard drives, it’s an entirely different story.

You won’t notice the difference with small files and applications, but it will be more obvious when working with larger files and applications. The WD Red 5TB NAS Hard Disk Drive is an excellent internal hard disk drive, as stated in a lot of product review sites for storage devices.

Key Features

An internal HDD is assessed by its storage capacity and its performance in processing transfers of data. The WD Red 5TB NAS Hard Disk Drive works great for both functions, and these are its other features:

  • Excellent Streaming Support with an ATA streaming feature set that is specifically designed for NAS compatibility – a feature that is necessary for AV storage applications
  • Flexible hard drive designed for business and personal use
  • Improved reliability to ensure maximum performance
  • Optimized to perform smoothly, especially in NAS environments


The WD Red 5TB NAS Hard Disk Drive has an exceptional compatibility with NAS or Network-Attached Storage Systems. This specific model is the only hard drive compatible with NAS systems, which have 1-5 drive bays. These drives go through impeccable quality assurance to guarantee compatibility and reliability in a NAS environment.

It also features an exclusive NASware firm technology that allows flawless integration and well-balanced performance. It is designed with a reduced power consumption compared to the standard desktop drives available on the market.

Moreover, it has a feature that lowers the operating temperature which translates to a better performance. In fact it has 35% better performance than standard desktop drives. WD Red is definitely a reliable NAS hard drive solution. It is available in models that have up to 6 TB capacities. Its Power Management support is intended for maximum data protection in events of power loss or interruption.


There is no recorded negative feedback for the WD Red 5TB NAS Hard Disk Drive, except the fact that it’s a little more expensive than other products, which is justified by its performance.


It doesn’t take a genius to figure out how impressive the WD Red 5TB NAS Hard Disk Drive is. The brand itself is very reliable when it comes to performance and quality. Its design is mainly focused on the compatibility with NAS systems. It works great with AV storage applications, especially with Windows Media Center.

It has a feature that lets it perform optimally while reducing power consumption, temperature, and noise. The performance is not compromised, even with unexpected power loss and interruptions. In fact, it has an excellent power management support that protects the data in event of power disruption.

It is an excellent hard drive. And despite its expensive price, a lot of people are still purchasing this product because of the quality and performance that it guarantees.


Another NAS compatible hard drive is the Deskstar NAS and it’s often put side-by-side with the WD Red 5TB NAS Hard Disk Drive, even though it’s not within the same price point. The obvious advantage of the latter over the other, though, is that its storage capacity can reach up to 6 TB, whereas the Deskstar can only be expanded up to 4 TB.

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