WD Blue 1TB Desktop Hard Drive Review

Disk drives are a crucial component of a computer as they store all of the information, documents, files, and operating system information. “Hard drive” is a generic term that refers to any electronic component that offers long-term data storage.

It used to be the main data storage component for earlier computers, but as technology advanced, the function of disk drives has been distributed to different alternatives that are specific to various computing needs, such as flash storage and other media.

When buying a hard drive, one of the main features that one should consider is its storage capacity. Of course, it is basically what a hard drive is for, storing information – the larger the capacity the better. But apart from that, there are other factors that must be considered as well, including transfer rate and data processing. There’s a wide array of hard drives categorized according to storage sizes.

The latest units are measured in gigabytes and terabytes. A hard drive with a 500 GB storage capacity can store up to 250,000 songs with excellent quality. High-end storage devices range between 1 TB to 5 TB. One of the best-selling desktop hard drives on the markets is the WD Blue 1TB Desktop Hard Drive.

Key Features

The WD Blue 1TB Desktop Hard Drive is ideal for storing photos, videos, applications, and other files. This set of features makes it one of the best sellers on the market today.

  • 1 TB storage capacity; can store up to 300,000 songs
  • Data Lifeguard feature designed to keep the drive in optimum health by its advanced algorithms
  • Intelliseek feature designed to calculate the optimum speed for the drive to operate, ensuring low power consumption and reduced noise and vibration
  • Maximum compatibility, WD products designed to operate on a wide array of computer systems
  • Impressive SATA 6 GB/s Interface
  • Maximum protection of the data with its NoTouch ramp-load technology ensuring no contact between the recording head and the disk media to avoid wear and tear
  • Shockguard feature protects the hard drive itself from bumps, vibrations, and any impact


Looking at numerous product review sites for storage devices, the WD Blue 1TB Desktop Hard Drive is quite popular because of its excellent performance. It is the benchmark for storage devices, especially for desktop drives.It delivers superior performance by combining its large capacity and high-speed cache with a SATA 6 GB/s interface – a set of features crucial for high-end and data intensive multimedia applications.

The WD Blue 1TB Desktop Hard Drive is programmed with advanced algorithms that keep the drive in optimum health. Its IntelliSeek feature calculates the optimum speed at which the drive must operate to lower its power consumption and reduce the noise and vibration.

Additionally, the NoTouch ramp load technology prevents the recording head to come in contact with the disk media which results to reduced wear and tear. As a result, the stored data remains intact and protected. It also has a ShockGuard feature that reduces the impact of the vibrations and bumps, preventing significant damage to the hard drive.


The WD Blue 1TB Desktop Hard Drive is already an excellent storage device, but it’s obviously inferior compared to the 2TB and 3TB hard disk drives. It is, in itself, a decent drive. One drawback for this HDD is its average latency, which somehow affects its read and write performance. However, its effect is not easily felt by most people, especially for minor file transfers.


Looking from a performance standpoint, the WD Blue 1TB Desktop Hard Drive is indeed a respectable storage device. It may have a lower platter density, which somehow affects its overall data transfer performance, but generally, it’s still one of the best 1 TB desktop drives on the market. It definitely sets the benchmark for high quality storage devices.

The features of this HDD have been considered to make data storage and transfer a lot easier and a lot more convenient. Its maximum compatibility allows you to transfer data from a wide array of computing systems. That alone makes it a very reasonable product to purchase.


Considering its overall performance, it might be hard to believe it’s available at a very cheap price. The WD Blue 1TB Desktop Hard Drive is as affordable as the Seagate 1 TB Internal Bare Drive, but the former is superior in terms of performance.

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