WD Black 2TB Performance Desktop Hard Disk Drive Review

A hard disk drive is a very important component of a computer. It is the storehouse of digital information that is necessary for the computer to carry on its functions. It also moves data to and from other mobile devices, maximizing the storage and securing backups in case one device gets corrupted.

A majority of the disk drives available today consist of a head actuator, read/write heads, a read/write actuator arm, a spindle, and platters. The part that bridges the communication between the computer and the hard drive is the disk controller and it’s on the back of a hard drive. It’s connected to the computer through either a SATA or IDE cable which is attached to the motherboard.

Considering that a hard drive has one of the most vital roles in making a computer carry on its functions, choosing one needs thorough examination. Some of the features that need to be considered include data transfer rate, storage capacity, durability, and smooth performance. Other features that are also considered as great additions are vibration absorption and extra durable case. All of these can be found in the WD Black 2TB Performance Hard Drive. It’s considered one of the best sellers on the market today.

Key Features

Aside from the fact that the WD Black 2TB Performance Desktop Hard Disk Drive came from one of the most trusted manufacturers of storage devices, this hard drive is considered a best seller because of the excellent set of features that are not available to most standard quality hard drives available today.

  • 2 TB Storage Capacity which can hold up to 120 hours of HD video and about 200,000 digital photos
  • Enhanced Architectural Designs for its Dual-Core Processor and High Resolution Controller, designed to improve your overall Desktop PC experience
  • Maximum Data Protection brought upon by its Vibration Control Technology (VCT) and Corruption Protection Technology (CPT)
  • Added Data Protection with its NoTouch Ramp Load Technology
  • Super-fast transfer rate performance up to 143 MB/s for read tests
  • Next-generation speed allows faster data transfer and superior responsiveness


This hard drive is designed not only for programmers and tech-savvy people out there, it’s also recommended for photographers, digital artists, and video editors. Not only does it offer a lot of storage space for thousands of files, it also performs amazingly, bringing convenience and a solution to your data storage and file transfer needs.

Its Dual-Core Processor exhibits a performance that is twice as good as the processing capability of regular hard drives with single-core processors. As a result, it maximizes the performance of the drive, especially when the computer is processing large multimedia files, loading games, or running sophisticated applications.

This drive features a Dynamic Cache Technology which works by allocating caches between reads and writes thus optimizing its overall performance. And with its StableTrac Technology, you can rest assured that the motor shaft inside the drive is secured and protected from system-induced vibrations.


The WD Black 2TB Performance Desktop Hard Disk Drive exhibits an amazing transfer rate performance but it somehow falls short in its access time; although this is not that noticeable for transferring small files.


The WD Black Hard Drive is designed for optimum performance, translating to improved Desktop PC experience. Coming from one of the most reliable brands of hard drives, you can surely guarantee the quality of the hard drive. What it has that is not very common to other regular 2 TB hard drives on the market is its Dynamic Cache Technology, Dual-Core Processor, and the Stabletrac Technology.

These features are exclusive to the WD hard drives, and are available in the WD Black Performance Drive. Its 2 TB capacity may be the same as other cheaper hard drives available out there, but they can never level with its impeccable transfer rate and smooth read and writes.


Looking at other products on the market within the same price point, one hard drive that can be put side-by-side with the WD Black Performance Drive is the Seagate 2 TB Desktop HDD.

Both are from legit manufacturers of storage devices, but the latter is more expensive than the other. It makes perfect sense considering that it performs better as a storage device. Faster data transfers and increased cache sizes set it apart from the Seagate drive.

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